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How do I use ESET Remote Administrator to upgrade ESET security products on client workstations? (3.0)


Before upgrading, please test the following procedures in a non-production environment. 

ESET Remote Administrator version 4.x users, click here.

I.  Upgrade ESET Remote Administrator

Before upgrading client workstations, we suggest upgrading to the latest version of ESET Remote Administrator using the instructions in the following ESET Knowledgebase article:

Or, to continue using ESET Remote Administrator 3.x, skip to part II below.

II. Uninstall ESET security products from client workstations

Push an uninstall package to existing clients using the following steps:

  1. Open the ERA Console; click Remote Install tab and then click the Install... button.
  2. From the Type menu, select Uninstall ESET Security Products and NOD32 version 2.
  3. Add your clients by dragging them from the left pane into the main grid on the right. Entire workgroups can be moved at the same time. After all clients have been added, click Uninstall. This will require client workstations to be restarted.

    Figure 1-1

III. Install ESET security products on client workstations

  1. From the Remote Install tab, create an installation package by clicking the Packages button.
  2. Click Add, click Download from the web, and download the desired package. After downloading, you can configure the package to your specifications.


    You cannot import settings from an old package or an old configuration and apply them to a version 3.0 or later installation.

    Figure 1-2

  3. Once you have configured the package, click the Install button on the Remote Install tab and select your new package from the Package menu. Add your clients by dragging them left to right into the main grid. Click the Install button.


    For help with resolving common push installation error messages, please click here.