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Do ESET products detect a particular virus?

If the threat in question is a real virus and not a hoax, it is very likely that ESET products will detect it. The active heuristic technology utilized by ESET products creates a virtual computer within the scanning engine which allows the scanner to observe what the program might do if allowed to run on a real computer. This can reveal potentially malicious activities that other detection techniques would not identify.

It is essential that ESET products be kept up-to-date to ensure maximum protection against newly-discovered viruses, worms and other forms of malicious software. In the event that a new virus is not detected, ESET will work quickly to protect its customers. Through the efforts of our research team and international organizations of security companies, ESET can quickly take steps to address potential threats. If necessary, an update for the particular virus will be released. After updating to the latest virus signature database, your system will be protected. Click here for more information on updating and protecting your system from malware