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How do I transfer my ESET product to a new computer or device?


  • Transfer or move your ESET product to a new computer

License Key or Username/Password required

You will need your ESET-issued License Key or Username/Password (not your Serial # or Activation Key) to activate the software after installation. These can be found in the license email you received after your original purchase/activation.



  1. Uninstall any non-ESET antivirus software on your new computer or mobile device

    It is very important that you uninstall any antivirus software that is currently installed on the machine that you want to install ESET on. After identifying the antivirus product installed on your new computer or device (if any), uninstall it using one of the uninstallers fom the following Knowledgebase article:

Click your product to view a Knowledgebase article with step-by-step instructions:

If your old computer is not working, then you do not have to complete step 3.

  1. Install your ESET product on your new computer or Mobile Device
  1. Uninstall ESET from your old computer

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